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Art: Drawbot Update
12th August 2012

So far I've been testing different drawing techniques with the drawbot, now I have some experience of what works I have a few projects that I really want to work on.

Until then here's a roundup of the work I've done so far:

Here are some procedurally generated trees, these are randomly seeded - I choose the sets that look the way I want:

procedural trees

I have two colour drawbot plots, using 4 stippled CMYK plots, the second is new and has the largest number of stipples yet - 6000 in each of four layers.

CMYK full-colour stipples

The image below is generated from bitmaps by converting the darkness values into waves, these can be drawn tightly for dark areas and looser for light areas.  There's a more detailed image below it.  This technique is really fun to watch being made; I like the analogue element that the dynamics of the drawbot add into the precise digital source:

wave drawbot image

drawbot waves detail

This image is generated from bitmap with another process, vertical strips are varied in width.  Because of the process some darker areas become lighter than in the source and this filter brings an interesting effect into the result like the Photoshop 'curves' process:

strip-based drawbot bitmap

detail of drawbot strips process

The image below is the drawbot running - all of the test images so far have been A3 landscape on Bristol board - I hope to scale up to A2 or A1 portrait soon.

the drawbot running

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