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Art: Gravity
12th December 2010

One of the nice things about Processing is the number of contributed libraries available.  I used the traer physics library (should be here but was down when I last checked - you can use the toxi utilities libraries instead if traer physics is not available now) to simulate masses moving under gravity towing another mass, not interacting gravitationally, on a spring.  With random positions for the start positions and velocities some nice pictures came up, all I had to do was mark the positions of the masses and springs each frame - it's that process that I used to create the graphics in the banner at the top of the page.

Pictures were interesting but I've also been able to get a 3D model as well (depending on how picky you want to be it could be argued that it represents a time history of a simulation in 3D space and so might be described as 4D..)

Gravity - a 3D model of a simulation

In 2D the results can look like this:

gravity 2d
I've put a copy of the Processing code here, unzip to your sketches folder but you'll need the traer physics library.  It's not very clever or neat but if you find it useful or interesting please feel free to mail me...

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