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11th December 2010

OpenProcessing is an online community to share Processing sketches. All sketches are released under creative commons attribution share-alike license, source code under creative commons GNU GPL so code and ideas can be shared.

I've put three sketches up so far (my portfolio on the site is here):

waves - thumbnail link to open processing siteelastic spirograph - thumbnail link to open processing sitespaceship - thumbnail link to open processing site
WavesElastic SpirographSpaceship game

The source code for the three sketches is available on the site, follow the links above.

Waves is based on a simulation of the 2D wave equation.  I used some old uni notes (I did a module on computational fluid dynamics) to set up the physics and I was gratified to see that it could run quite well, even on a rather low-powered netbook.  I considered setting up something high-resolution for print but I've never got around to it (this wouldn't be able to run in real time...)  The things I like about this are the ways that you can see features that you see in real flow -  moving your mouse quickly (faster than the waves you're creating move) you'll see a build up of waves that are like the shock waves found in supersonic flight or the bow wave of a boat; move the mouse slowly and the waves won't build up.

Elastic Spirograph is something that links spirograph-type patterns (which are nice) to a swinging weight on simulated elastic.  It can be hit-or-miss but you can build up some really nice patterns.  It's possible to make a version of this code that can make high-resolution exports for printing (I have a couple framed)

The spaceship game was written over a couple of days for my then 3 1/2 year old son who wanted "a flying spaceship game".  I had a quick look around and, finding nothing suitable for free (too big an emphasis on shooting things mainly), I decided to write something.  It's got some real physics in it, the motion is all done via Newtonian kinematics, and so it's a challenge to 'park' the spaceship in the randomly generated spaceship hutches; there's no collision or score-keeping so you decide if you've won or not...  I found out later on that I'd done the graphics in the hardest possible way, plotting and rotating the points directly in the code where I could have just drawn it in Inkscape direct.  I was subsequently most pleased to discover that someone else adapted it to make it into a bit more of a game, adding an enemy to chase you around.

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